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I miss you so much  / Daddy (Father)
I miss you so much my Love my Treau love.
I prayed you would take me with you but you didn't.
I am not sure why I couldn't come with you.
But i know someday i will find you.
Untill then rest gentle my baby girl.
You are never alone,
I know you are with the guiding angels
in your peaceful home. I will come with you someday
only now is not my time, 
Then we will be together again.
Again you will be mine. 
Don't know where to begin.....  / Adrian Beatty
I don't know where to begin...My deepest, and sincerest condolences to you, Loretta, Nick and the rest of your families. I know that we haven't known each other for long, nor have we met outside of Counter Strike. But you are a teammate, a friend, and most importantly, human. My prayers are with you and yours in your darkest hour. Remember that while this may be a dark hour, there will ALWAYS be light to follow. The good Lord works in weird and funky ways. While we may be infuriated at Him for allowing such a tragedy to occur, we need to remember that Treau is with of pain, sorrow, and all things negative.

Again, if you need to talk or need anything, please call me.

With Deepest Respect,

Beautiful Treau  / Amanda Naranjo
I didnt know you well, never laid eyes on you physically, But I knew you were the light of your mothers life. Her sun rose and set on you. I could tell by your pictures and grandma Stollar you were full of life, a happy little girl. My only regret is that I didnt get a chance to know you personally. I love your mother, and we were close at on time, and for that sweet girl, I love you as well. Smile down on your momma, aunt Marsha, and grandma Stollar. You continue to be that happy little girl there that you were here. I love you.

TREAU ANGEL  / Ted Sena (Family Friend )
Although I did not get to meet you, I know the people who loved you. I know that you are in heaven and that you are watching over these same people who have raised you the way God would have them do, as it is the way he sees you. His angel.
My Tru Tru  / Aunt Marsha   Read >>
My Tru Tru  / Aunt Marsha
        You are now and will always be my little Tru Tru,I am going to miss all the moments we have shared or could have shared, but i know you are up there in heaven watching over all of us. Just remember to send us a kiss once in a while. I know you are in good company up there. Make sure you give TJ a hard time, make him play with you and make sure he makes you laugh. 
        You are and will always be in my thoughts. Every time Sydney does something new i am going to wonder how you would have done it first. I am sorry that we didn't get to know each other better, But remember this regardless of how much we knew each you are now and will always be loved. May you rest in peace baby. 
I love you, 
Aunt Marsha
Our special angel  / Nicole Shuster (Cousin)  Read >>
Our special angel  / Nicole Shuster (Cousin)
You have and always will be our little angel.  I will always remember your sweet little smile.  No matter what you were doing or where you were you always had a smile.  Even though we only got to visit a few times I will always cherish every minute that we got to spend together.  Just remember to keep smiling and one day we will all get to see you again.  I will always love and miss you!
Love always!
Nicole Close
Love from Uncle Buzz  / Buzz Wickham (Great Uncle )  Read >>
Love from Uncle Buzz  / Buzz Wickham (Great Uncle )
Treau, your sweet smile is what you will be remembered for, we never saw you without one.  You keep those smiles on your face and know we are smiling back. I will miss getting your pictures all the time. But, I will cherish the ones I have. You are in heaven now our angel, we will look up at you each and every day. You will always have my love. I miss you! Close
Aunt Jane  / Jane Shuster (Great Aunt )  Read >>
Aunt Jane  / Jane Shuster (Great Aunt )
Treau, Our guardian angel"I will cherish every memory, every picture, and every smile I have seen on your face forever.  You are with God and family there in Heaven, so I know you will be showered with love and care every day.  But know, we here will never lose our love for you, it is forever.  God has made a plan for you, one we here, can not understand.  You now know what he has planned for you and we will understand someday. Until then watch down on your family every day, and know, we are looking up at you.  I will forever miss you! Close
You are never to be forgotten  / Andrea Stollar (Maternal Grandmother )  Read >>
You are never to be forgotten  / Andrea Stollar (Maternal Grandmother )

Treau Treau,
You were my first of everyting,first grandchild and so on. I was there with your parents the morning that you came into this world. As soon as we seen you, you put the biggest smile on all of our faces. You will always mean the world to us. I know that we will never have any of our own first times on earth, but I am sure that God will make time for us to have them up there in Hevan. You are safe there were you are at, you have your Great Grandpa Valentine, T.J. Great Great grandparents and all up there with you.
Just remember baby, we will see each other again. Please take grandma's hugs and kisses to your heart and keep them with you until we see each other again. 
Love to you baby,
Grandma Stollar

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